Windows Live Mail final arrive...bientot?

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Citation(AeroXperience) :
It seems the Windows Live Mail Managed beta just ended, and this has been confirmed on the newsgroups and by mails recieved by testers. This means the product will come out of beta very soon. The team said, still in the newsgroups:

"We're ready to say goodbye to our baby and send it off into the world"

So, the next update, featuring the usual Windows Live interface, will in fact be the final build which will be released to all hotmail users around the world.

Of course, this takes place to much speculation about the availability of and e-mail addresses, since most people assume they will be released at the same time or so.

Vite traduit:
Il semble que la beta Windows Live Mail finira bientot. La prochaine mise a jour Windows Live Mail sera la publication de la version finale. Cette version sera donc disponible pour tout le monde,  plus personne n'aura hotmail. Les adresses et pourront être eventuellement disponible.


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